Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Street Rescue Date June 23, 2014
Neutered No
Status Passed Away
Ken spotted Moo along a busy highway, near the exit of a major warehouse shopping center. After checking with all the establishments in the area, we determined that somebody must have dumped him there. He was skinny and not very healthy - he pooped diarrhea all over Ken on the way home - but active and affectionate.

He was taken home and given a bath, and he ate a lot. Things were going great. He became good friends with Ernie, who was rescued just a couple of weeks earlier.

Unfortunately, he got weaker all of a sudden, and despite Ken's best efforts to take care of him, he died quite suddenly at the clinic. The vet said that it is likely Moo got some kind of virus from Ernie - and that it is not unusual that it was the primary carrier who survived. With his death, Moo taught us that rescued cats who haven't been fully vaccinated yet need to be kept apart, and that has been our practice since then.

Moo was a sweet little kitten, and his early and sudden death was very painful for everyone involved.

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