Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Smuggled Rescue Date January 24, 2015
Spayed Yes
Mother Lola Siblings Angel, Haifa, Junior, Kate, Libby
Status Adoptable
Maia and her litter mates were born in the Happy Animals Club. Their mother Lola was one month pregnant when she was rescued from the City Pound.

Lola's puppies show a stark variation in size. Maia is one of the little dogs, and nearly identical to her sister Haifa. Ken and Marife are the only people who can consistently tell them apart. They both look a bit like pugs, in terms of size and coloration, so we refer to Maia and Haifa as "the two pugs."

Maia was named by Fifi, our youngest donor.

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POSTED BY Ken DATE September 13, 2015
Angela has been spayed
Angela, the friendliest dog in the club and possibly the galaxy, has finally been spayed! I have been looking forward to her operation so that she can come out of her apartment and join [ CONT ]

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