Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date July 15, 2015
Spayed No
Status Adoptable
Hyena was in poor condition when rescued from the street not far from the shelter. Since she had a skin condition which could be contagious (i.e. mange) we placed her in a cage outside of the dog area.

Sometimes she'd start crying, a hiccuppy, plaintive sound which sounded a lot like a hyena laughing, so we ended up calling her Hyena.

Nowadays she doesn't cry anymore. She is a small, quiet dog with beautiful soft fur.

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POSTED BY Admin DATE August 7, 2015
Hyena Before and After
When Hyena was rescued from the street she was in pretty much the same condition most dogs arriving at the club are in: emaciated, starving, terrified, and suffering from mange. After unlimited [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE September 13, 2015
Angela has been spayed
Angela, the friendliest dog in the club and possibly the galaxy, has finally been spayed! I have been looking forward to her operation so that she can come out of her apartment and join [ CONT ]

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