Species Feline Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date July 15, 2014
Spayed Yes
Status Adoptable
When Frogga was rescued she was lame in her hind legs, which she usually kept stretched out behind her, like a jumping frog's.

It seems her disability was caused by a sharp blow to her lower spine. We give her Polynerv, and over time she has regained some function in her hind legs. She can now walk, and even run, though sometimes she topples over.

She is easily frightened, and doesn't get along with all humans. If she doesn't like someone she will scurry away and hide in a corner, but if she knows and likes the person, she will happily let herself be petted and start purring right away.

Special Needs and Requirements
Frogga requires regular bathing, once every 24-48 hours, because every now and then she pees on herself. It seems to have something to do with her disability.
Photos of Frogga

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