Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date July 28, 2015
Spayed Yes
Offspring betty
Status Permanent Resident
Emily did not want to be rescued off the street, but we rescued her forcibly because Ken did not want Betty to be separated from her mother.

Emily has serious mental problems. She is paranoid and convinced that any human approaching her is going to roast her alive or do something equally terrible. Therefore she avoids physical contact and crouches in the farthest corner.

For about a year, she tried to bite anyone who tried to touch her, and if it weren't for leather gloves, she would have done considerable more harm to the staff.

Lately, she has mellowed a bit and it is even possible to pet her under the right conditions. However, we do not recommend adopting Emily.

Special Needs and Requirements
Distance and caution! Leather gloves are a must if you want to bathe her, deworm her, or vaccinate her.
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POSTED BY Admin DATE July 28, 2015
Daughter and Mother Rescue
While hauling lumber to the club, we found a small starving puppy, accompanied by its mother, trotting along the roadside. They were maintaining a brisk pace, sniffing at garbage, scavenging [ CONT ]

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