Species Canine Gender Male
Origin City Pound Rescue Date December 23, 2014
Neutered Yes
Status Adoptable
Elf was rescued from the City Pound and like all dogs to come from the City Pound he was traumatized by the experienced. He snarled at anyone who came near him and snapped at any hand that tried to touch him.

It was volunteer Mel who made a breakthrough with Elf. After spending time with Mel, Elf calmed down, and she was able to pet him.

Elf is a fun little dog and he would make a great companion for anyone.

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POSTED BY Ken DATE December 23, 2014
City Pound Rescue
We rescued 8 dogs from the City Pound. These dogs were "expired" which means they were due for immediate execution because nobody had claimed them. Two of the rescued dogs are currently [ CONT ]

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