Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date July 14, 2015
Spayed Yes
Status Adoptable
Ceiling is a warm and friendly cat who loves being petted.

Some visitors complain about being scratched by Ceiling, but he only does that when you try to take your hand away from him, because he wants to keep your hand where it belongs, on himself. The trick is to yank your hand away rapidly, without warning, before he has a chance to grab it, or to continue petting him forever.

Ceiling bunks with Bubblz, and they are good friends.

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POSTED BY Admin DATE August 4, 2015
Ceiling's Transformation
Ceiling is a feral cat who somehow got trapped in the attic of the building where the veterinary clinic is located. The vet broke the ceiling to get him out. Ceiling had just been rescued [ CONT ]

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