Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date July 14, 2015
Spayed Yes
Offspring Whitey, Brownie
Status Adoptable
Blackie is one of the three dogs that were instrumental in the creation of the Happy Animals Club. Along with her daughters Whitey and Brownie, Blackie was a street dog which was being fed semi-regularly by Ken. When photos of Ken feeding Blackie and her family on the street were posted on the web, many kind people offered their generous financial support, leading to the establishment of this shelter.

Blackie is extremely warm and loving, and when she greets Ken or his staff she will wildly swing her butt to make up for lack of tail.

Unfortunately, she doesn't like other dogs, apart from her daughter Whitey, and must be kept separated from any other dog. She once got into a long, bloody, and unrelenting fight with Ken's personal dog, in which she lost a fang.

Blackie hasn't been sterlized yet. Since we have to keep her separated from other dogs anyway, we never prioritized her operation - it was more important to sterilize those dogs that mingle with other dogs. Blackie, meanwhile, used to live in the Annex all by herself, and is now in Pen 1. Currently, Blackie is on a diet so that the vet won't have too much of a hard time when she finally gets her hysterectomy.

Special Needs and Requirements
Must be kept separated from other dogs (except Whitey). Requires hypoallergenic dog food to minimize skin issues.
Tags founding
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Blackie & Ken
Just some photos of Blackie and Ken.

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