Species Feline Gender Male
Origin Street Rescue Date March 20, 2015
Neutered No
Status Passed Away
We were leaving the club one evening when we almost ran over a cat sitting in the middle of the lane. Ken got out to shoo it away and discovered that it wouldn't move.

He was so dehydrated that his whole body felt stiff. The skin was like leather.

We took Arnold back to the club and after examining him decided that he was in too pitiful shape to be left alone overnight, so we brought him home, then after conferring with the vet rushed him to the clinic. The vet spent a lot of time trying to get an IV in, even though it was his birthday and he was on his way out.

The IV eventually went in and we brought him home and warmed him up with a hot water bottle. We fed him Recovery and things were going well. He was responding to stimuli and did a good job swallowing his food.

But he vomited his food at 11:00 PM and passed away at around 2:00 in the morning. He is buried in the Annex.

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