Species Canine Gender Female
Origin Street Rescue Date May 28, 2015
Spayed Yes
Status Adoptable
Angela is an amazingly friendly, upbeat little dog. She is the friendliest dog in the shelter by a wide margin. All the animals at the shelter are happy, but Angela is the happiest animal of them all. She deserves a really good home with a loving family.
Special Needs and Requirements
Angela has recovered from mange but has an ongoing skin issue on her haunches, which we are trying to fix. She may require dog food designed for dogs with sensitive skin.
Photos of Angela
Posts Featuring Angela
POSTED BY Admin DATE July 9, 2015
Angela the Homecoming Queen
Angela was a street mutt living under parked cars at a bank downtown. She was fed leftovers and given water by the kind-hearted manager of the bank. It so happens that bank branch is where [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE September 13, 2015
Angela has been spayed
Angela, the friendliest dog in the club and possibly the galaxy, has finally been spayed! I have been looking forward to her operation so that she can come out of her apartment and join [ CONT ]

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