today is election day in the united states. we have an important message for our american friends from happy animals club business analyst cooper

hi everyone, cooper here. okay, you all know i'm long on pork bellies, but that's not what this is about. presidential candidate trump has said he will rescind major international trade agreements

most analysts, including myself, think that messing with international trade will take a big bite out of the US economy. and if the US goes into recession, america's trading partners canada, japan, china and the EU - in fact pretty much everyone other than north korea - will suffer too. basically we are looking at a major global depression

whether or not trump will actually follow through on his campaign promises is beside the point. the point is that the moment trump is elected, investors worldwide will immediately start dumping dollars and hoarding euros, rubles, liras, shekels, bitcoin, cocacola bottle caps, anything except greenbacks. the US dollar will go bungee-jumping without a rope

we saw this happen when the british voted for brexit. before, we could get 70 pesos for every pound sterling donated. that's now down to 58. that's 18% less cat food or dog food per donation

so here's the deal. ignore this message if you're a monthly donor. but if you were planning to make a one-time donation to the shelter this year, do it today, because you will get a lot less bang for your buck if trump wins

bottom line, if clinton wins, it's business as usual. but if trump wins and you want to invest, pyongyang is looking really good. cooper over and out

Date November 8, 2016 Tags cooper

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