we went to the mountains to see the shelter's two cows, eclipse and galaxy, and to pay the people who take care of them

originally, the idea was to keep the cows in the shelter, and to drive them to grassy meadows every now and then so they can exercise, much like you drive a pet dog to the park

however, they weren't getting enough fodder at the shelter, and we had to let go of the staff member in charge of cow care. we would have had to haul them back and forth to pasture daily, which would have been arduous even with cooperative passengers

we expected that after a week of daily rides, eclipse would get used to riding the trailer, and come bounding up the trailer steps on her own. it didn't quite work out like that. instead of getting increasingly used to it, eclipse was hating it more and more

after a week she flat-out refused to not just get in the trailer, but even exit her stall. it would take about an hour just to load the cows into the trailer, which was untenable, and we weren't happy about forcing eclipse to do something she wasn't comfortable doing

in the end, we had no choice but to let them stay at pasture permanently

the crowdfunded trailer served its purpose because we wouldn't have been able to take them to the mountains without it. and it will still come in useful when we transfer them to a different pasture. in fact, we were very close to transferring them to an awesome open field on the island of samal, but the deal didn't work out

Date May 27, 2017 Tags eclipse, galaxy

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