[WARNING] this is going to be one of our long and convoluted posts

next door to the shelter is a vacant lot. a family of squatters lives there, namely our neighbor who kept his many dogs tied up on short chains

the dogs were unhappy; they were standing ankle-deep in flood water which they pooped in. our amazing donors helped us build a fence and a dog house for the dogs. we also trucked in gravel to stop the area from flooding

the actual owner of the lot lives in florida. when we built the enclosure, we asked permission from a relative of the owner, and paid him p5,000 or US $100 to sort it out. he got back to us and said that we could build anything as long as no people live in it

but yesterday, someone from the city engineer's office showed up at the shelter and told us they received a complaint about an illegal structure, could they please see the building permit. building permit for what, we asked. for the dog house and the fence. we were like, are you serious? building permit for a dog house? it's not even a house, it has no walls

the guy from the city engineer's office said that normally they would ignore something like this, but there was a complaint so they had no choice but to act, and we had to tear it down

we went to see the legal administrator of the lot, who filed the complaint

now, back in august we fostered 3 small kittens in bad shape and were able to send them back to their rescuer healthy and chubby

it turns out their rescuer is the admin of the lot

he said the lot had been sold by the lady in florida to a buyer, who wants our neighbors - the squatters - evicted, so the buyer made him sign the complaint, and our dog house wasn't the target, it just got caught up in that

we asked for the admin's help in setting up a meeting with the buyer of the lot, and he agreed to try and do that for us. we hope to get permission from the buyer to keep the dog house

while talking, we noticed one of the 3 kittens - we called him amish back then, but he was renamed gladio - had a bad eye. the admin/rescuer said he'd been giving him eye drops but they weren't working

amish/gladio is our friend, so we brought him to the shelter to treat the eye

Date December 13, 2018

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