[0/6] in late january we posted about dog named jack-jack. we saw him alongside the highway, emaciated - that's the clinical term for being so thin that you're on the brink of starving to death

we fed him and eventually tracked down the owner. the owner was an elderly businessman who seemed well-off, and who we later discovered is indeed very wealthy. we gave him the code name 'dumbledore'

at a meeting with dumbledore he agreed to provide more food for jack-jack

although we continued to work hard on this case, we ceased posting daily updates, because we received so many comments pressuring us to rescue jack-jack

we would like to reiterate the following

1. the owner is wealthy, and it makes zero sense for a shelter, which struggles every day to stretch donations, to feed a wealthy man's dog, 2. the shelter is heavily overcrowded, and neither the quality of life nor the quality of care of the animals is as good as it should be, 3. the burden to care for the animals when staff are absent inevitably falls on our founder, who is 14, and him having to work insane hours is unacceptable, especially when that work is taking care of a rich man's dog

having said that, there has been a major development with jack-jack's case, so we will be putting up a series of 6 posts

Date February 4, 2019

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