after the other street dogs had left, wolfie, unable to move easily, remained

since we've been getting a lot of questions asking if we can help wolfie, here's a quick and dirty assessment of the situation. the answer is, we don't know, but probably not

we certainly can haul wolfie to a vet, but it most likely won't do much good. wolfie would need x-rays to see if he has any fractures. if there is no fracture, the vet would just prescribe an antibiotic and maybe an anti-inflammatory, and vitamins, which we can do ourselves. if there is a fracture it would likely require complex orthopedic surgery which as far as we know none of our vets are capable of

the real question is, can we take him in so he can recuperate off the street? the answer is, no. ben is in our infirmary unit and will remain there indefinitely. we can put wolfie in a cage somewhere but he would be infinitely happier on the street with his friends - imagine being hit by a vehicle, and later, being thrown in solitary in a prison

since it's 4:30 am here and there is no-one around to respond to further questions, we'll be turning comments off on this post. rest assured we'll post any developments during the day. thank you for your understanding

Date August 1, 2017

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