lotus, shelby, and zonda were found as newborns in april, and bottle-fed solely by our founder ken. back then, lactol wasn't available anywhere, so we used our own concoction, which we had developed previously for the first batch of newborns we reared, abby, arthur, and andrew. all six newborns raised on that kitten milk are thriving

meanwhile, lactol, which we are using for orphan annie, is a premium kitten formula made in holland. but annie remains dispeptic. we initially wanted to use our own brand of milk again since it worked so well in the past, but a key ingredient was sold out. we finally managed to get a hold of that ingredient, and tomorrow our boss ken will have to make the decision of whether to stick with lactol, or to switch to the house formula

Date November 25, 2016 Tags lotus, shelby, zonda, abby, arthur, andrew

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