this little dog is shirley. she was rescued today

we are hoping to receive contributions for the shelter's Animal Rehabilitation Fund, which is in need of funding for shirley's rehabilitation

we should note that shirley is in very bad shape. the last two animals we rescued who were equally emaciated (freya and sofia) didn't make it. we are hoping shirley will beat the odds, but if she doesn't make it the funds raised for her will be used to enhance our care capacity

rehabilitating shirley is one thing; making room for her in the shelter is another. since we are a no-kill shelter, making room means getting healthy animals adopted. there are numerous intagible expenses associated with developing a well-functioning adoption system

although you all did a fantastic job supporting our instagram post which had nothing but the text \"2019 hiring\"\u2014it got 1,122 likes\u2014we only got one application from this post (they weren't qualified). so we spent a lot of money advertising for hires, and we will be spending more money on training and team-building

while we do not like spending money on corporate activities, we are learning more and more why successful NGOs (such as greenpeace or MSF) spend so much of their money on securing, developing, and maintaining human resources

you can't get much done unless you have a great team

the link for contributing to the Animal Rehabilitation Fund is in our profile. thank you so much

Date April 18, 2019

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