early this morning we got a message from the mountains that galaxy was still scouring. since a dehydrated calf cannot be taken out to pasture and eclipse refuses to be separated by more than 50 feet from her daughter, we went to get grass for them

while doing so we got an urgent message saying that, unsteady on her feet, galaxy had tumbled down a ravine behind her gazebo. we rushed as fast as we could, picking up a bunch of guys on the way. when we got there we found galaxy half way down a steep muddy incline. as far as we could tell she hadn't broken anything

galaxy tried to get up but just tumbled another 5 yards further down the ravine

we immediately set the guys to work on building a staircase. the incline was extremely difficult to traverse, even for a lone person not carrying anything. it would be impossible to climb while carrying a 700 pound heifer

we called the shelter and gave instructions for a wooden stretcher to be built. we also arranged with a clinic to put galaxy on an IV drip later in the afternoon. the truck was on the way to pick up the stretcher when galaxy passed away in ken's arms. we do not know exactly why she died. her breathing was labored but seemed steady enough

galaxy's death has been surreal. this wasn't supposed to happen. watching her innocent life get snuffed out so quickly and easily was like being in a terrible alternate universe. we never even considered the possibility that we would be burying galaxy so early in her life. it makes no sense and it is a struggle to accept the fact that her life is over. it stings that galaxy lived less than she would have had we not rescued her mother, since cattle owners here only slaughter cows once they reach maturity

we used the staircase to bring galaxy home, and buried her in the shelter. we also hooked up the trailer and brought eclipse home. eclipse doesn't know it - she keeps calling out and listening intently for a sign of her daughter - but she will be spending the night just a dozen or so yards from galaxy

in lieu of condolence messages, please consider donating a few bucks to a sanctuary (OTHER THAN OURS) that rescues cows, such as the iowafarmsanctuary

Date November 3, 2017 Tags galaxy, eclipse

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