we went to the mountains to dress a wound on eclipse's neck

1. while waiting for the cows to come home, some little kids entertained us with a pickup basketball game. they were pretty good and should replace our national team

2. this is what we brought with us. the inviolate rule of field dressing is that no matter how much stuff you bring, it turns out you forgot something important

3. the wound is about the size of a large coin. normally these things heal if you apply ointment and wound spray but the humidity and flies have prevented it from healing, so we decided to cover it up

4. cattle fur is different from cat fur or dog fur. it is very oily. last week we tried to cover the wound but the plaster just wouldn't stick to the fur. so we decided to shave it. first we used the grooming shears

5. we had to tie eclipse up, by the neck and by the hind foot. this is to prevent her from turning around and squishing the crew member cleaning the wound

6. after shearing we used a razor blade to get right down to the skin. we then washed the skin with laundry detergent. dishwashing liquid would have been better for removing grease but we forgot to bring it and the people in the mountains use laundry soap for doing their dishes

7. we then cleaned the wound and applied medicine

8. finally we taped it up. eclipse was fairly well-behaved the whole time, but galaxy just kept getting in the way because she wanted attention

Date October 12, 2017 Tags eclipse, galaxy

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