it's been a crazy morning at the shelter. the floor boards in apartment 2 were starting to give way under pressure from friendster's constant pouncing, so we put him in pen 1, blackie in the apartment, and stuffed tawny into apartment 3 with woody. whenever we rearrange living arrangements, all the dogs erupt in a frenzy of excitement, so it got pretty loud

morning shift crew member jun, yelling over the din, reported that woody fell off his box and collapsed - he used the term epileptic fit but we're guessing it's his heartworm - but is okay now

jun, meanwhile, snagged his shorts on a loose screw (pictured), leaving his buttock exposed, so we gave him a budget and sent him to buy pants. oh, and the outer door to pen 1 became unhinged, as did angela who picked this particular time to challenge whitey for leadership

Date August 4, 2016 Tags friendster, blackie, tawny, woody, angela, whitey

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