we got our power bill and it's huge. we didn't pay last month's bill - it was huge as well - so the power company is threatening to disconnect the shelter from the grid unless we cough up p15,653 or US $313 within 48 hours

our power bill used to be less than p3,000 or $60, but lately it's been more than double. this is because we've been running the air-conditioning in the office at full blast around the clock

the last couple of months we've been keeping slim shady cool. initially, the idea was to minimize his panting, since he had breathing difficulties. thereafter, he was in post-op recovery, and needed a cool and dry environment. and of course, we also kept the oxygenator humming. the oxygenator, it turns out, produces a lot of heat

previously, in march and april, we kept tawny in crate rest and hannibal chilled, since he pants easily for unknown reasons. but the bill wasn't as big as it is now, so we squeezed it into our regular budget

this time, that's not really an option, so we're initiating a fundraiser for keeping the lights on, imaginatively titled THE LIGHTS ON.\ to pitch in a few coins or a fistful of dollars, please click the link in our profile. any contribution is deeply appreciated

Date June 25, 2017 Tags tawny, hannibal

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