blind old girl maddie got her claws trimmed

every now and then we post a dog with overgrown claws and some people get terribly upset. that's understandable, but it is actually very difficult to stay up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormings, tick/flea/lice control, baths, and claw trimming, in addition to providing care to sick animals. claw trimming is the least important of these so we fall behind sometimes

we could probably easily handle it if, like most establishments here, we made everybody work 12 hour shifts or paid less than minimum wage (which would allow us to add more staff). but that's not going to happen. for now our solution is to keep growing our social media presence, and by extension, our donor community

as you may have noticed, we have started using hashtags in order to reach more people on instagram. your likes and comments make a difference


Date October 10, 2017

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