when we let finn mingle with the others for the first time, everything went smoothly. finn quickly started playing, and there was no drama

but it's not that simple. yesterday we had a massive fight between whitey and mavi. these two have been in the same dog yard since forever, and have never fought. we gave whitey a timeout, but a few hours later she attacked mavi again, and mavi fought back. luckily we were able to intervene quickly

then tonight, things got even worse. out of the blue, robert challenged angel for leadership. it was completely unprovoked. angel, of course, immediately wrestled robert to the ground. but instead of submitting, robert kept fighting back. this angered angel, and the gloves came off

normally, when a pack leader is dealing with a problem dog, we stand back and watch him/her do his job. angel in particular is a good leader. he is never bossy (unlike street dog wolfie who can't go 30 seconds without menacing someone). but when there is blood, we intervene immediately

angel got banged up pretty bad, but his wounds are superficial. robert, meanwhile, got 5 puncture wounds and will have to go on antibiotics

it's not really robert's fault. he's socially awkward and doesn't know it. in the clip we posted earlier, of finn playing with tesla, you can see him awkwardly trying to join in. it could be because he was kept in a cage and neglected ever since he was a young pup, with no outside contact and no opportunity to learn the dynamics of interaction via play

we've gone months without a real fight. we're guessing we had two in 24 hours because introducing finn upset the balance of the pack in ways we can't fathom

it's tempting to put all the dogs in cages, like most shelters do. that would instantly solve many of our issues. we wouldn't need to source and cook a massive amount of dog food every day, and we wouldn't have to deal with fights

but we're not going to do that. we will never keep them in cages. we will continue to let the dogs have their freedom. yes, we pay a huge price for their freedom. we just have to accept that. there are humans who paid with their lives for freedom. no price is too high to pay for freedom

Date September 12, 2017 Tags whitey, mavi, robert, angel, tesla

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