all of the shelter dogs are in dog yards, except zoe, who is in our infirmary unit, and professor and gazelle, who wander around in the driveway

every now and we find gazelle and pascal (a member of dog yard 3) barking at each other madly through the fence separating the driveway from dog yard 3, each furiously defending their territory

today it happened again and we quickly pulled gazelle away from the fence. pascal now had a lot of aggression with nowhere to go, so he directed it at friendster, who was right next to him

friendster was having none of it, and a tussle ensued. ben forgot that he is a small dog and jumped into the melee, but miraculously managed to come out unscathed

pascal and friendster were back to being friends again 5 minutes later, although friendster did lose a bit of skin near his left eye

Date November 15, 2017 Tags professor, gazelle, pascal, friendster

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