this is cooper. he was a fairly normal street dog surviving on scraps from an eatery. a friend of one of our vets, worried that he might get taken away by the pound, asked us to take him in, but we didn't see the need since he was being fed. she then insisted on chaining him up to a lamp post, because chained dogs don't get taken away. since his quality of deteriorated considerably, we brought him to the shelter

cooper turned out to be one of our most challenging rescues. he just wouldn't eat. we would buy him fried chicken and milk fish at a nearby eatery just to keep him alive. he nibbled it but stayed skinny. in fact, he got skinnier. three times we hauled him to the vet for tests and each time the vet told us that our dog is in perfect health. we first force-fed him recovery with a syinge, then switched to canned dog food mashed up with a blender, and then started blending the food we cook in our kitchen. this went on for a few months. we force-fed him twice a day, every day, and it was difficult. we would lament and curse the universe for burdening us with the one dog that hates food

eventually our blender gave out, so we switched to frying chicken, beef cubes,or liver. cooper would eat it as long as we confined him in a feeding bay overnight. after a few more months, with cooper finally at normal weight, we tried giving him the same food all the other dogs eat. he actually ate it. perhaps he was already bored of fried chicken by this time. either way, it was an emotional moment. today, 9 months after he was rescued, cooper is one of our best eaters. he always finishes his food

there is no glory in getting a psychotically picky dog to eat his food, but we consider it one of our greatest accomplishments. there are some people who are naturally good at everything they do. we are not like that. often, we fail. but we keep trying. sometimes it was 1am before cooper got his special dinner, but he always got it. it took a long time, but eventually we got the job done

Date September 21, 2016 Tags cooper

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