jack-jack got a blood transfusion from our girl planck almost a week ago

since then we've been observing him closely for signs of weakness

the transfusion was not a cure; the transfusion just bought some time, allowing jack-jack to, hopefully, stage a comeback in his fight against chronic-stage ehrlichia while living on planck's blood

it's a fight that he had previously been losing; he was up against the ropes getting battered until planck stepped in the ring

planck's blood would run out after 4 days, according to the clinic, and after that it was up to jack-jack's own body again to make his own blood

day 4 came and went; today is day 6. jack-jack's tongue is not quite as red as it should be, but he eats well as long as we cook him extra yummy food

we fully expect him to need another transfusion, but it sure would be nice if it doesn't come to that

Date March 8, 2019 Tags planck

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