if you've been following the story of rescue cows nebula and comet you will recall that the vet told us comet can continue suckling as long as nebula receives heavy nutritional support

unfortunately nebula does not like the heavy nutritional support (bran with molasses). eclipse polishes it off, but nebula will take one lick and leave it alone. so all nebula is eating is grass. another problem is that baby comet stopped drinking from the bottle as soon as nebula started producing yummier milk

comet really shouldn't be getting all her sustenance from nebula because nebula is just too thin to both feed a calf and regain her own weight. comet should be getting most of her milk from the bottle

we previously covered up nebula's udder using plasters to prevent comet from suckling, and that worked as long as the plasters held. but comet kept bumping her snout against the udder, and the plasters only lasted a short time

that left us with a number of options

one, we could separate nebula and comet. we could move comet into eclipse's stall, or somewhere else entirely. but nebula has been traumatized enough; she still has the haunted look newly rescued animals often have. traumatizing her further by taking her baby away would probably be a terrible idea

two, we could put the plasters back on and cover them with bandages wrapped around nebula's abdomen, so they last longer. but nebula really hates being tied up, even for just a short time, and we'd have to tie her up tightly every time we apply the plasters and/or bandages

three, we could tether comet so that she is just out of reach of her mama. one of the problems we had when trying to save galaxy was that she could not be tethered; she never learned to be on a leash. comet will need to learn to have a rope around her neck sooner or later. but she is still very small, and clumsy, and active, and we are worried about her getting entangled and strangling herself. this actually does happen a lot to livestock that is tethered

in the end, we built a partition. it is low enough for nebula to lick baby comet's head. but it is still high enough to prevent comet from suckling. it's not ideal, but it'll have to do for now

Date January 17, 2018 Tags eclipse, galaxy

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