we have some bad news. eclipse and galaxy, the shelter cows who live in the mountains, are both skinnier than they should be. we're guessing that it's because jungle shrubbery isn't the right kind of foliage for cows. eclipse spends all day nipping leaves, but she's just not putting away enough volume

we talked to the owners of the property and they agreed to let us clear the brushland to make two fields. hopefully grass will grow and the cows will start gaining weight again

we hired 4 guys and are ferrying them back and forth every day. it's tough work so we also supply them with lunch, snacks, and soft drinks. they'll be doing this for about a week and it's costing us a lot

if you like rescue cow eclipse and her daughter galaxy - who incidentally is growing some nice horns - it would be awfully nice if you could chip in a few bucks. thanks guys

Date September 28, 2017 Tags eclipse, galaxy

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