we are extending the height of the fence for the enclosure of the neighbor's dogs. this should stop them from jumping over the fence, and the neighbor will stop tying them up

we didn't do this sooner because \nthe new owner of the lot\u2014the neighbor who lives there and owns the dogs is a squatter\u2014filed a complaint about the dog house we built for the neighbor's dogs, and we wanted to get his pernission first

but we have been unable to set up a meeting with the new owner despite weeks of trying, so we went ahead with the work. we are using materials that can be reused, in the event that we are ordered to take everything down

we are not fundraising for this work; the money for the materials is just squeezed out of our regular budget. the whole thing is our fault. we should have built the fence higher to begin with

Date January 16, 2019

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