this year the shelter welcomed mikey, rafi, leo, donna, nebula, comet, lady jr, locket, bracelet, amulet, buster, elliot, peppa, heidi, luna, solo, stella, peter, lady, ailbe, aileen, bronagh, ciaran, liam, siamus, sinead, siobhan, loki, lucinda, tipper, gail, kizuna, atsushi, ayumi, kanami, kiyoshi, masashi, minami, naomi, satomi, james, oliver, sandy, future, fate, fortune, chopin, stacey, brenda, brooke, frank, and munchkin

of these, luna, treasure, kanami, atsushi, ayumi, and satomi didn't make it. we tried but failed to save minggoy, joker, alpha, brutus, and pinpin. we also released some neighborhood animals from their suffering

we successfully aided dada, steve, fatima, cindy, amish-gladio and his two siblings, oreo, mindy, lilly, and pops

magnus, emerald, ailbe, aileen, bronagh, ciaran, liam, siamus, oliver, loki, and boxster got adopted this year. we said good-bye to long-time residents tracy, brownie and lola

it was a very busy and very challenging year. thank you for your support through thick and thin in 2018. we look forward to your continued support in the upcoming year

note to those who have been following our stories: ken just got out of the hospital. thank you for wishing him well

Date December 31, 2018 Tags emerald, boxster, tracy, brownie, lola

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