in 2017 we welcomed to the shelter tomato, potato, alex, dustin, hannibal, salsa, itty, bitty, kitty, speedy, robert, rupert, magnus, montana, maddie, button, slim shady, charlotte, tina, carrot, finn, indiana, lovely, ben, zoe, pia, minggoy, and cody

some of them passed away, as well as shelter residents symphony, woody and galaxy. the loss of galaxy in particular made 2017 a very sad year for the club

on a brighter note, this year we were honored to have played a small role in the spay/neuter of 485 animals, by organizing the event in august

thank you to everyone who made that event possible, as well as to the shelter's many donors and supporters for their generous contributions throughout the year

Date December 31, 2017 Tags tomato, potato, hannibal, salsa, robert, rupert, magnus, button, symphony, woody, galaxy

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