stacey (pictured), pia, gail, lilly, mindy, brooke, siobhan, sinead, kizuna, sandy, brenda, lady, lady jr, elliot, whitey, lulu, gazelle, maia, tawny, robert, boxster, oliver, loki, buster, lucinda, tipper, heidi, peter, jack and solo are currently on antibiotics. some are on other medications as well

medicating 30 animals twice a day takes forever

often we get suggestions about implementing sponsorships, or selling t-shirts, or publishng pamphlets, or reading and responding to comments on this account. while we would love to do all of that and more, our core function, taking care of the animals in the shelter, has been eating up virtually all of our resources in terms of time, attention and energy

Date September 29, 2018 Tags whitey, lulu, gazelle, maia, tawny, robert, boxster

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