we owe you guys an update about brooke

there have been some slight improvements. we already posted this on @hac_raw, but she now lifts her tail while pooping. she didn't do that before

she also seems to want to get up - she often lifts her head off the bed. we haven't posted video of this because her head wobbles a lot when she does this and we know we will get a slew of messages urging us to put her down from people who don't have full awareness of the situation

we managed to get her respiratory issue under control with antibiotics, which is good because the device we ordered from the US is stuck in customs. hopefully we'll get the device before brooke's next respiratory infection

one of the most difficult things about caring for brooke is temperature control. unlike other dogs who can pant or curl up or find a cool spot, brooke can't manage her own temperature. we constantly check how warm she is and adjust her fan accordingly. when it is really hot, the fan is insufficient and we wipe her down with cold water to keep her cool

brooke has been doing a great job swallowing her food and she has gained a lot of weight

Date December 9, 2018

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