remember this dog? her name is fatima but we call her fatty. we spayed her last year with help from two aussie ladies, and she's actually fatty now

fatty belongs to an indigent family, who live about half an hour's drive from the shelter, near our founder's school

one of the puppies living with her got rabies, or at least that's what her folks said. they showed up at the shelter last night while we were feeding the dogs

they asked if we could help them with anti-rabies shots for their kid, who had been bitten. we declined, as there are many organizations that help humans, and based on their description, we are pretty sure it was a case of distemper, not rabies. we said we'd drop by in the morning

so this morning we went to visit them, but the other dog had already died. they said he choked on the line he had been tied up with. we later chatted with one of the kids and found out that their boss\u2014they live in their boss' house\u2014had strangled him at dawn. this is sort of understandable; they thought he had rabies

we had told them otherwise, but the thing about uneducated bisaya (that's our ethnic group here) is that they are very hard-headed, and once they get an idea they will just not let it go no matter what you tell them

we would most likely have had him euthanized at a nearby clinic anyhow

fatima is not showing any symptoms. she seems fine. but we decided to bring her to the shelter so we can vaccinate her (there is a 3-day post-exposure window) and react with speed if she does start showing symptoms

for the next few days she will be on five-star nutrition and every supplement and vitamin we can think of. we also deloused and dewormed her

Date January 22, 2019

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