crikey, look at the size of him. blackie was barking energetically at a toad so we got him and relocated him. keeping the dogs quiet in the middle of the night is one of the things the nightshift has to do

our animal attendants used to take turns taking the nightshift for a week at a time, but their body clocks never had a chance to adjust to the nightshift, and they kept getting ill. so a few months ago we hired someone specifically for the nightshift

the nightshift is allowed to lie down and nap once all tasks are completed, provided they get up and go deal with any issues when they arise. we asked the nightshift person if they wake up easily. oh sure, they said

that turned out to be not true at all. a few weeks ago gazelle, having been newly transferred to dog yard 3, was barking her head off. you could hear her about a block away. gazelle can be very loud when she wants, and her voice carried far in the dead of night. but our nightshift person didn't wake up. they didn't even wake up with loud continuous banging on their door

this was a problem, since it means the nightshift would sleep straight through an energency such as a fight between dogs, a fire, a burglary, or a UFO landing. so we had to let go of the nightshift person, and that is one reason we are once again critically understaffed

Date December 11, 2017 Tags blackie, gazelle

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