i was about to go the shelter to give galaxy her walk. i was putting on my shoes when a bunch of the neighborhood children started calling my name. they were holding a kitten with its eyes still closed and its umbilical cord on its belly button. they told me that some fat dude gave it to them and they wanted me to take care of it. they said they didn't know the guy but that he had short curly hair and a booger coming out of his nose. i went to look for him so i could find the mother of the kitten. i went all over the neighborhood holding the kitten but i couldn't find him. most people i talked to told me to just dump the kitten in a ditch or something. in the end i took him to the shelter. my crew chief was busy watching eclipse and galaxy so i made milk. the kitten started sucking right away. he's very tiny but he's a strong little guy. i hope he will make it.
Date November 20, 2014 Tags annie

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