over the years you have been generous. we have been able to care for many animals, and the animals in the club have never gone hungry

we have also sought funding for various items, and you have been amazing. you helped us buy a cow trailer, an oxygenator for slim shady, and many other things

today, we are turning to you with the biggest challenge yet

brooke, a quadriplegic dog, can't cough and is prone to respiratory infections. there is a type of medical device called airway clearance therapy, that can help her get the gunk out of her lungs. it works by pulsating her chest cavity to loosen the phlegm until it comes out

the devices are made in the USA, and they are expensive. a new one costs about US $7,500. but we found a refurbished one for $2,000, at medafore.com. with shipping and customs, the total amount needed is about $3,000

we have never attempted to ask you for help with something this expensive. but we hope you can come through once again

yes, brooke is a quadriplegic. yes, caring for her is a huge strain. yes, we would be less exhausted if we put brooke to sleep

but you see, this is literally what the shelter is about. we care for animals that everyone else has given up on. we care for animals who can't survive on their own

brooke needs us, just like all the other animals need us

if we stop caring for brooke, we might as well stop caring for all the animals in the shelter

we owe it to brooke to make every possible effort to raise the funds for her treatment

and if we don't, it would be hypocritical of us to criticize owners who abandon their pets instead of treating them (most recently, we criticized whoever abandoned sandy)

can you help raise the money for brooke's device? the fundraiser is called BREATHER FOR BROOKE, and the link is in our profile

it would be awesome if we can prove once again that the power of love and empathy can overcome financial constraints

Date November 21, 2018

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