we took eclipse and galaxy to a nearby vacant lot using the racecow trailer. ken is watching them until nightfall

this was the first time the cows rode the trailer. we were worried about loading the cows into the trailer. we were worried about the cows riding the trailer. we were worried about backing the trailer up out the gate

it turns out, all those things were fine. what wasn't fine is that galaxy freaked out about having a rope around her neck

we had an impromptu rodeo on our hands. when we let her out of the trailer and she realized she was wearing a collar, she bellowed, and gallopped, and dragged ken through the street on his tummy, and fell in a ditch, and nearly hanged herself

her mama, meanwhile, was a trooper. though she was grumpy for a while, later on she calmed down and took the occasional break from foraging to go to ken for pets

once the cows get used to riding the trailer, we'll take longer journeys into the mountains

Date April 23, 2017 Tags eclipse, galaxy

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