elliot took loki's place in cody's apartment

when elliot first came to the shelter he stayed in the infirmary unit. it took him a long time to gain weight; when he finally did we put him in an apartment in the dog yard. things were fine for about a week or two

then he started coughing, which is bad enough; even worse, he infected a lot of other dogs, becoming patient zero in a kennel cough outbreak, which came on the heels of a distemper tempest which swept through this part of the city

elliot went back in the infirmary unit and kept on coughing long after everyone else stopped coughing. antibiotic after antibiotic had no effect and we were starting to get seriously worried, but he finally stopped coughing, and today we decided to move him back into the dog yard

cody is not the friendliest dog in the universe, but he seems to be getting along well with elliot

Date December 20, 2018

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