the shelter is pleased to announce that we have finally embarked on a much-needed and long overdue upgrade of the dog yard. this upgrade is essential so that the shelter can cope with a larger-than-expected dog population, and provide the canine residents with a fairly decent standard of living

the upgrade involves the development if dog yard 3, and includes a bamboo dog hut, feeding bays, a brick courtyard, access, and fencing. the bamboo hut, which we already made a down payment for, is critical for keeping the dogs calm, comfortable and clean during the hot summer months

the dogs that will benefit most from this upgrade are pascal (pictured), betty, angela, lulu, rupert, shades, gazelle, and friendster, as well as any future rescues

the cost of the upgrade is estimated at around p45,000 or us$900, including labor and materials. contributions from the shelter's supporters towards this amount are deeply appreciated. to pitch in, please just click the link in our profile

Date March 30, 2017 Tags pascal, betty, angela, lulu, rupert, gazelle, friendster

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