this is anti-andrew. he came from an alternate universe which is identical to this one, except everyone's personality is reversed. whereas our andrew is friendly and loves to cuddle and purr, anti-andrew is mean and loves to hiss and scratch. we also feed anti-shelby and anti-zonda, both of them dead ringers for their shelter counterparts, except of course for the reversed personalities

it's interesting because zonda is by far the most snuggly cat in the shelter - she will literally jump on you to get a snuggle - and anti-zonda is the most vicious, having drawn blood on several occasions when we were slow to withdraw our hands after placing food on the ground

the three antis and a few dogs get leftovers from the shelter every night. when it is raining only the antis show up and the dogs are nowhere to be found


Date September 22, 2016 Tags andrew, shelby, zonda

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