since harley threw up on monday morning, we've been feeding her tiny amounts every 30 minutes. we also discontinued her antibiotics. that strategy seems to have worked. she hasn't thrown up since

however, when weighing her on monday night, we found her to be badly dehydrated, so we reduced her feeding ration and gave her 3 cc of oral rehydration solution every 20 minutes throughout the night. for once, this actually worked, and come tuesday morning she was pretty much rehydrated

reducing her feeding ration and prioritizing fluids was a hard decision to make because she is so thin. if you touch her you can clearly feel every bone in her body, razor sharp under her skin. but we had to get her hydrated

harley is a tough little girl. she had trouble pooping last night due to her dehydration but strained gamely. it was painful to watch her stand and strain and strain for minutes, precious energy seeping out of her frail body. thankfully she was able to poop more easily as the night wore on

during the day on tuesday, we switched our focus back to feeding. it's tuesday evening now and tonight she will be getting both food and fluids throughout the night

Date November 15, 2014 Tags harley

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