we took eclipse and galaxy to a field further away today. on the way back the truck started to overheat. since the cows need to go to pasture tomorrow morning, we had to get the truck fixed tonight. luckily our nightshift crew member knew a guy, and luckily he was home, watching tv with his wife. they both came to the shelter at short notice to take a look

we'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to our little truck, who is perhaps the hardest working member of the shelter. he came to the philippines after serving a heavy smoker in japan fir many years. his steering wheel was transferred from left to right, his odometer rewound to zero, and his life at the shelter began

he has hauled dogs, cats, kitty litter, bricks, cement, lumber, cages, meat byproducts, sawdust, trash, fodder, and now a trailer. he has been steadfast and reliable throughout, and he drinks so little. we have no idea what we'd do without him

Date April 24, 2017 Tags eclipse, galaxy

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