with two cow guys taking turns, working 3-4 days per week each, we were able to keep eclipse fed. when nebula and her baby joined the club, we put both cow guys on fulltime duty. together, they were somehow able to get just enough fodder for both cows. the new bike will make things a lot more efficient - we are just waiting for the welder to fabricate the sidecar

but on saturday we had to give one of the cow guys a day off. the remaining cow guy was not able to get enough fodder for both nebula and eclipse, so eclipse kept yelling all night asking where her grass was

today, sunday, the other cow guy has the day off, and we did not want a repeat of yesterday

we previously posted that it was impossible to take eclipse for walkies, because she likes to tear off and two adults can't hold her back

well, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention

we tied eclipse to the truck and took her to a vacant lot, so she can collect her own fodder. having lost one cow, this is the kind of high risk stunt that we really shouldn't be attempting. but in the end it went well. right now eclipse is busy mowing a vacant lot, and nebula is munching on the fodder we got

Date January 14, 2018 Tags eclipse

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