this is muffin. he was rescued in april with a large burn wound. we tended to the wound daily, and gave him the best nutrition we could. bit by bit, the wound got smaller. by early june, it was down to the size of a thumbnail. a week later, it was the size of a pinky nail

we were eagerly looking forward to letting muffin out of his cage, and also to taking a day off and going somewhere. the philippine summer vacation was almost over, and we hadn't even taken a day trip yet. it looked as if the wound would close just in time for us to take one day off before school resumed

but the wound stopped shrinking. in fact, it got bigger. pretty soon it was back to a thumbnail again, then a whole finger. and it was bleeding a lot. we took muffin to the clinic and had his blood checked. his platelet count was down, and a blood smear confirmed haemobartonella, the blood parasite which literally eats red blood cells and causes feline infectious anemia

this is why, although the vets insist the literature only names ticks and fleas as vectors, we can't shake the suspicion that mosquitos are involved. muffin is one of the few cats at the shelter exposed to mosquitos; his cage is on the porch (the indoor cats are behind fly screens). he is kept isolated, elevated, and in hygienic conditions. his bedding is changed and bleached daily. his kitty litter is imported from the US and always fresh. there have never been any ticks or fleas near this guy

the vet put muffin on a 4 week course of doxycycline, and after about a week, the wound stopped bleeding heavily. it started shrinking again, and now, in the middle of july, we are finally at the point we were before he got sick. his wound is the size of a pinky nail again, and shrinking

througout it all, muffin has been an angel. he has stoically endured his daily treatment. in fact, he loves having his wound tended, perhaps because it's the only interaction he gets. although is fur has been discolored by countless applications of hydrogen peroxide, he is a sweet, friendly guy, and has never once bitten or scratched any of us. talkative and social, he cries forelornly when we carry a fellow cat past his cage

Date July 15, 2016 Tags muffin, angel

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