we needed room for slim shady and after some deliberation decided that it was time for sven to move out of his unit

we first put him in room 1, which is where the special needs cats have their club. emerald wasn't as welcoming as she could have been (first photo), and frogga went into flight mode by jettisoning some ballast (second photo) right there and then

chipper, meanwhile, was moved into the cat villa because he kept dashing there every time we opened the door, but after getting into a few fights - all of which he started - he sat unhappily outside the door to room 1 (last photo), waiting to be let back in

in the end, we put sven in chipper's old unit (last photo) within room 1, gave him a can if fancy feast, and everyone is back to being relatively happy again, although some of them have minor cuts and scratches

Date April 11, 2017 Tags sven, emerald, frogga

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