back in early 2014, after pictures of ken feeding street dogs went viral, he came under a lot of pressure to get the dogs off the street. this was a problem, as his home already had dogs

but as the support mounted, and mounted, like a tidal wave, it became apparent that something big was happening, and that ken was only a small part of it

ken had always dreamed of an animal shelter - where he learned of this concept, nobody knows, it might have been the movie 'max keeble's big move' - but suddenly, overnight, taking in a bunch of sick dogs, and accepting responsibility to help many more, was unexpected and daunting

sometimes destiny grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you on stage, on a big worldwide stage, and you have no choice to perform as best as you can, whether you're ready or not. so we built a little kennel in the garage, and ken painted it, and just like that we had a pretend animal shelter in our garage

incredibly, more than 3 years later, the animal shelter is still going strong, and it is a lot less pretend than before. we have more than 10 staff and about 100 animals. incredibly, many of those people who first supported ken are still supporting the shelter today

the original kennel is still in our garage. it's a different garage, in a cheaper house closer to the shelter. it's currently home to stray cat coventry and her two kittens. coventry was one of 485 animals fixed during a mass spay/neuter we were able to organize. that was pretty incredible as well

happy animals club has come a long way, but we have a longer way to go still


Date September 21, 2017

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