we sometimes get asked why we keep the cats indoors; the reasoning being that if we let them roam free, we no longer need to expend vast amounts of donations, time and effort on kitty litter and sawdust and housing structures

well, take this guy. chopin. he used to be one of three free-roaming cats we take care of

he single-handedly infected 19 of our permanent residents with some variant of cat flu, placing a heavy burden on the shelter. he also kept showing up drenched in sewage

anti-andrew, our other free-roaming cat, meanwhile, keeps killing mice, rats, shrews and birds if we fail to lock him up on time (he gets locked up in the shelter kitchen overnight, but sometimes can't be found at dusk)

rambo, the third cat with shore leave privileges, disappeared 3 months ago and we haven't seen him since

we can't even imagine what letting all of the cats loose would be like, if just 3 free-roaming cats can wreak so much havoc

that's why chopin's roaming rights have been revoked, permanently

Date November 19, 2018 Tags andrew

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