ken congratulated kiyoshi on being liberated from his ovoids of misery

when we called our transporter this morning to see if kiyoshi and naomi had made it to the clinic safely and on time, she said kiyoshi had pooped in his carrier, and all over the clinic when she took him out of the carrier to clean it

she was busy cleaning it all up because the clinic had no personnel to do it

later the clinic called and said naomi's spay was cancelled because has an infection and will need to be go on antibiotics first; this was surprising because she seemed healthy

the clinic told us to send a replacement for naomi

we called the transporter and told her to make a U turn and bring back naomi, and take minami to the clinic instead

our transporter was on the way back to the shelter with naomi when the clinic called and said that the transporter had to go back. they had no-one to restrain kiyoshi and they couldn't inject him with a sedative

we later found out the clinic's new vet tech can't handle animals and started freaking out when kiyoshi barked just once

we decided to ask our transporter to take our senior animal attendant to the clinic, and issued him taxi money so he could come back to the shelter after restraining kiyoshi. the transporter, meanwhile, could get on with her regular job of procuring supplies

we called the clinic and told them we would get minami spayed tomorrow, as originally scheduled, because it was getting late

the clinic called again and said they were able to restrain kiyoshi and were in fact done with the procedure; could our transporter please pick him up before he wakes up

we called the transporter and said that, instead of dropping off the senior animal attendant at the clinic, she should pick up kiyoshi and bring him back

after a while we called and found out that our transporter and senior animal attendant had been waiting outside the clinic, which had closed for lunch

eventually the clinic reopened, and kiyoshi was brought back to the shelter

it was a typical day

Date January 23, 2019

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