my name is galaxy, what's your name? my mama's name is eclipse. she's really big and strong. i always stay near her so i don't get eaten. you should stay near your mama, too, or you might get eaten. there are a lot of bad guys who come from the city. i used to live in the city but now i live here. i like it here because there are a lot flowers here. flowers are neat. there are red flowers and white flowers and yellow flowers. there are also blue flowers. one time i saw a blue flower on the other side of the ravine but my mama called me so i went running back to her. i like running. do you like running? everything goes by really fast. when we go home at night we always run together. i have to go now. bye. it's time for me to drink milk. my mama's milk tastes the best


Date October 28, 2017 Tags galaxy, eclipse

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